About My School

Emmanuel Excellence Academy, the school of positive thinking, has helped improve the talent of many students in terms of acting, debating, singing, and many more. Emmanuel Excellence Academy have great talented kids in the school due to the activities they perform in the school every Fridays. The school has some activities like teachers debate and during this time the students learn a lot from their teachers and when it is time for the students to debate they perform greatly.

The school also has all clubs display of knowledge and during this time the various clubs perform, which has helped the students bring out their talents. We also have sports activities, French quiz and express yourself in French, career week where every student dress as in what he or she wants to be in future, such as Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant and so on.    

The unique thing about the activities in the school is that student begins to identify their talents and gifts, base on this they are helped to build upon, which has made a lot of impacts in their lives.

By: Edmund Asante